Giant Pre Push Bike (available Fluro Yellow, Pink, Light Blue or Black) 2021

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Lightweight and durable ALUXX-grade butted aluminum frame

Product Details

  • Item condition: New
  • Availability: Enquire Now
  • Brand: Giant
  • Category: Balance Bikes
  • Colour: Yellow
  • ID: 104167276
  • Available in Fluro Yellow
  • Furo Pink
  • Black & Lt Blue
  • Its a learners bike and so much more. With a new look and an innovative design the all-new Pre makes learning to ride more fun than ever.
  • The new Pre features a redesigned frame that is not only easier to ride
  • but is also constructed to give it a more sporty feel for young riders. Its made with lightweight ALUXX aluminum which also has a new footrest feature and updated geometry to make it more adaptable to riders as they grow in height. It features a low step-through design
  • and now has an oversized stem and bar to give it a fun
  • action-packed look and feel.


Innovative high-strength thermoformed polymer fork provides dramatic weight savings
Sleek design makes learning easy
Size: 12 wheel

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